• How long does a study permit usually take?

    Provided all documentation needed are provided on time, a study permit application can take anywhere from a few days to several months depending on the country you’re applying from, the number of people applying for the visa, and the completeness of your application.

  • What do I need for a consultation?

    For a consultation, depending on which service you need, you will have to provide, your name, travel experience, citizenship, educational background, your work experience and current employment, your marital status, and residential address, just to name a few.

  • What documents should I have ready for a study visa application?
      • Passport: You should have a passport that is valid for at least six months when you apply for your visa. If your travel document is about to expire soon, you should apply for a new passport before starting the study visa application
      • Student visa application form: You will need to fill out the student visa application form with your details.
      • Passport pictures: You should have passport picture taken at least 6 months prior to application ready. The number of pictures needed varies from countries
      • Proof of admission: You should have an admission letter from your institution showing that you have been accepted to study at the institution.
      • Evidence of financial means: You must prove that you can financially support yourself during your study program. If your family supports you, provide financial statements from your family members. If you have a scholarship, you need to attach proof that you are a financial aid recipient.
      • Civil documents: You must submit your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if you are married), and your CV
      • International student health insurance: Depending on the country that you want to study in, you might be required to purchase a health insurance plan, that covers the entire period of your studies.
      • Previous university records: If you attended a university prior to applying for your foreign study program, you must submit your university records for the student visa application
  • When do I need a study visa to study abroad?

    You need a study visa if the program you will be studying is for a period longer than 6 month. Most countries give study visas to students who will be staying in their country for more than 6 months to study

  • How much money should I have prepared to study abroad?

    Although it varies by countries, the minimum amount of money you need to have to be able to study and cover your living expenses abroad is $36,000.00

  • Can I work and study abroad?

    Most countries allow study permit holders to work up to half the number of hours a citizen or resident permit holder does, which is about 20 hours a week.

  • What happens when I’m denied a visa?

    You will most likely have to reapply. The reason for the denial will be sent to you and from there you can fix what went wrong in your application

  • What can cause my application to be denied?

    There are a few things that can cause that to happen. Failure to prove that you can financially care for your self throughout the period you will be staying at your destination, false information and documentation, and failure to prove that you will return to your country of origin after said period.

  • How long does a visa last?

    Depending on what type of visa you’re applying for and from which country, there are different time periods for which a visa can last. Study visas however are the exception as the last for the intended period of your study abroad. USA visit visas, for example, can last up to 5 year, and Canada visit visas can last up to the expiry date of your passport